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If you start to experience fractures of your teeth, or if they look worn down, you may be grinding and/or clenching your teeth. This condition is known as “bruxism”. A tremendous amount of force can be generated between the upper and lower teeth during grinding and/or clenching. Many people are unaware that they have this habit as it occurs most likely while sleeping. This can lead to significant tooth wear, breakage of fillings, or chipping of teeth. Sometimes patients report experiencing unusual facial pain while others report no pain at all.

Bruxism in teenagers and adults is treated by the construction a custom-made nightguard for the patient. Dentistry At University Downs is pleased to provide several options for the construction of nightguards, including the NTI-TSS, to protect your teeth from these dangerous effects. We will discuss the various nightguard designs with you if we feel you would benefit from it.

Bruxism occurs in up to 30% of children. In contrast to teenagers and adults, no treatment is generally needed for children who show excessive wear of the teeth.