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Protect your teeth from accidental damage while playing sports. We have witnessed sports injuries to the teeth requiring extensive rehabilitation which is both time-consuming and costly, and could have been prevented by wearing a sportguard.

There are 3 types of sportguards:

  1. Stock sportsguards: These can be purchased off the shelf at your local sports or department store. They come in various sizes and you basically choose the size that fits you. They provide the least amount of protection since they are not customized but it is better than no sportguard at all. Stock guards are sometimes used when a child is in the mixed dentition (when they have some baby teeth with some adult teeth growing in) or in patients who have braces.
  2. Boil and Bite sportguards: Also purchased from your sports or department store, these are semi-customized in that you heat them up and mold them to the dentition yourself. Typically they are a better fit than a stock sportsguard and should therefore give you better protection. They are also sometimes used when a child is in the mixed dentition or in patients who have braces.
  3. Custom made sportsguard: A professionally-constructed custom-made sportsguard provides the most protection, fits better, and is more comfortable than a stock or boil and bite sportsguard purchased at a retail store. This is the sportguard of choice for those with no more baby teeth. However, we often make these for our patients in the mixed dentition and they usually get a year or two out of them. We believe very strongly in these custom-made sportsguards. In fact, as a service to our patients, our Waterloo dental office constructs these in-house for our patients at cost only with no additional charges.