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“I have always found all staff members friendly and interested in meeting my needs. All my questions get answered and if I have any concerns after an appointment (or an emergency), I feel confident the office is willing and able to respond.”
B.M., Waterloo
"You listened to me, reassured me, and went into detail for the procedures needed."
C.D., Waterloo
“I have only great things to say about the service provided by Dr. Suljak and the team. The people I have dealt with know my “paranoia” when it comes to the dentist and have managed to make appointments less stressful. The fact I actually show up is testimony enough. A great group of people!”
Woke up at 4 and felt great. Best dental experience to date. Thanks so much Dr. Suljak.
F.G., Waterloo
A note of thanks for your professional consideration of my entire dental needs and requests, and to your staff for making me feel comfortable and for accommodating me with appointment dates and times. Everyone has been exceptionally pleasant.
H.S. Waterloo
We can't thank you enough for your care and expertise as we walked through this ordeal. We are so appreciative of the way you and your staff served us time and again.
J.C., Waterloo
I wanted to say a big thank-you to you! You always take the time to answer all my questions. I appreciate it very much. You are very kind. Thank-you again for everything.
J.M., Kitchener
“Thank you, very pleased and no problems. See you at my next appointment”
Thankyou so much for being a kind dentist. Thankyou for being a kind a caring staff for our family
K.B., Waterloo
“Dr. Suljak added me to his schedule late in the day to extract a molar that was causing me severe pain. The extraction went excessively well. I had no pain or jaw stiffness afterwards. Dr. Suljak and the front desk personnel were their usual cheerful selves. I really like the warm atmosphere of this clinic and wound not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”
L.L., Kitchener
“I am so happy to be a patient at your office. You have such wonderful staff, but I think that comes from leadership. Dr. Suljak has been the BEST dentist I have ever had. After a difficult procedure, he even called me at home on the weekend to make sure I was doing okay… I said, the BEST.”
Thankyou for helping me to make the right decision!
M.R., Waterloo
“I had a very pleasant visit to your office for my checkup. All staff are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.”